Gift Boxes 2023

Santa Claus Fund 2023


At: 600 Lakeshore Road East, Mississauga, ON or call (905) 891 - 3825 for more information

While quantities last*

please call (905) 891 - 3825 or email

CLICK HERE to download the word document version of the Registration form. 

Each gift box contains clothing, book, toy, cookies, and toothbrush kit, appropriate for your child’s age, but not gender-specific. To obtain a gift box you must:

  1. Have a child/children under 12 years old from low-income family
  2. Reside in only Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Ajax, or Pickering
  3. Have not applied at another agency

Deadline for applications is OCTOBER 18TH, 2023

Client information is confidential and only disclosed to The Toronto Santa Claus Fund for gift box deliveries

Gift box contents are age-appropriate, not gender-specific, and contain a hat, mittens, socks, hoodie, book, small toy, cookies, toothbrush, and toothpaste. The box is in a seasonally wrapped box and larger than a shoebox. Only one box per child.

  1. The Santa Claus Fund is not a religious charity. The gift is to help financially struggling families during the holidays. The Fund does not solicit clients later and does not ask for anything in return, etc.
  2.  Exact dates cannot be provided and pick-ups are not possible.
  3. Most delivery volunteers will either leave the client a note or phone message as to an approximate time for delivery. If a delivery attempt has been made and the client was not at home, they may expect a note stating when the next delivery attempt will be made. Otherwise, clients should understand that the deliveries will be made in December by volunteers and may include Scouts Canada, service groups, local church members, individual adults, or teens who volunteer for this great cause.
  4. The home delivery program is SAFE. The Toronto Star Santa Claus Fund has been operating the program in this manner for more than 110 years.


Santa Claus Fund | The Star

The Toronto Star Santa Claus Fund is a children's charity that provides gifts to underprivileged children over the holidays.