About Us


The Vietnamese Community Center aims to provide programs that assist newcomers in developing essential skills for integrating into Canadian society.

Our goal is to ensure that programs and services provided by VCCM and other organizations in the region are accessible to the general population.

We strive to embrace diversity and the traditions our newcomers bring and hope to enrich the multicultural community.

Settlement Services

The Vietnamese Community Center assists newcomers living in the Region of Peel to apply for SIN, OHIP, offers legal and financial assistance workshops, non-profit housing, and settlement-related services.

We can help to refer individuals to support groups for women, youth, and seniors to facilitate their integration into the Canadian society.

Our services provide settlement and counseling assistance for members of the community.

We also offer interpretation and translation services if needed.

Free of charge on the Commissioners for taking affidavits. 

Please kindly contact via this telephone line: 905-891-3825 for more details.

Commissioning services are available by appointment only, walk-ins are not permitted.


We assist new immigrants with registration procedures for enrolling in educational institutions.

The VCCM works with the Peel Board of Education in order to provide heritage language programs. Language and skills training are funded by the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship of Canada (IRCC), and citizenship classes, mathematics, and computer classes are held on weekends.

We provide employment resources such as resume writing, essential skills, and job search techniques.

We also hold seminars and workshops to inform the community of issues concerning the Canadian legal system and human rights.

Language Assessment Benchmark

All prospective students for the LINC program need to have their English skills tested at an assessment centre before enrolling. Please call (905) 891-3825 to book an appointment for testing at the nearest available centre.

Cultural Services

The Vietnamese Community Center organizes and participates in various cultural festivals, religious ceremonies, and Canadian celebrations in order to develop a community engaged with seniors and youth.

We inform the community about upcoming activities and events such as:

  • Forming a community-based music ensemble to perform at multi-cultural/cultural events
  • Establishing local competitive teams to participate in annual events
  • Summer picnics